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Our Latest Decorating Business Release!

We're striving to bring you the best and most unique information on decorating and redecorating, plus how to improve the quality of life, including training on how to start creative home based businesses.

For 20 years Barbara Jennings has been a successful corporate art consultant, decorator and artist, creating beautiful art program for businesses interested in decorating their facilities. Corporate art is a specialized field that is highly prestigious, always varied and creative, exciting and fun, and financially very rewarding. Projects are generally large, requiring relatively little time but generous profits.

Up until now, no training has been available in the even more specialized field of "decorative art consulting". In our research on the internet and elsewhere, we have yet to find any training available anywhere, other than one book which focuses on the museum/curator approach to corporate art. No one has ever written on the subject of how to start, manage and grow a business designing with decorative art.

After 20 years, Barbara Jennings is ready to retire from her consulting and decorating businesses. That's why she has to date written 5 books on various decorating topics. Her newest is called, Pro Art Consulting. One of her most thorough and exhausting works, Pro Art Consulting is probably the most unique and specialized body of targeted training to date. We can literally guarantee that you won't be able to find this kind of training anywhere in the world at any price!

For more information, click on this link: Become an Art Consultant.

"Barbara, thank you so much for the quick response.  It was great to be able to connect with someone who has been "down this road." When I went to the client appointment, I was confident and professional.  Then I became a little insecure when I didn't have the answers to my questions.  Thank you for all your good advice, both in written ebook format and email response!" - Sandra Holman

Home Decorating Tips

Shape is the general outline of an object. "Form" means shape, but also includes an object's mass and volume. In design, there are 4 general shapes or forms. Geometric shapes are variations of straight lines, angles or curves. Every shape contains one or more basic element of a circle, square or triangle. When you combine any of these geometric shapes to balance each other, you create form. The form creates unity, which is one of the major principles of design. Three other types of shapes are natural shapes, shapes you see every day in the natural world such as leaves, flowers, birds or animals; abstract shapes, which are distorted shapes that began from a circle, square or triangle; non-objective shapes, which don't relate to anything you'd ever recognize in the natural world. The latter cannot be identified.

Texture is the quality of a surface. It's the way that surface feel when touched. Use a variety of textures in decorating your home to create interest and variety. Look at how the soft texture of the plants contrasts with the hard, smooth surface of the white lacquer console. The all fabric sofa and the country rug play off of the smooth wood floor. Beautiful!

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